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Because marriage is worth celebrating.

about us

So much of your life's story unfolds in a single day. Let us tell the first chapter of your happily ever after.

Freed Films is a videography company that specializes in wedding filmmaking. Our films celebrate marriage because we believe marriage matters and your love story is worth remembering.

What's our videography style?

It's genuine and joy filled. We're a couple that loves having fun and we love getting to celebrate with our couples on their best day ever.  We make it simple for you as a couple while focusing on capturing those precious candid moments that naturally occur between two people who are crazy in love and can't wait to spend forever with one another. 

Here's our dream for you...

Years from now we hope you're cuddled on a couch, still madly in love, but in an even deeper way that only years of sharing a life together can bring. We want you to watch your wedding film, share it with family and friends, and be reminded of those precious vows you made to each other years ago. If we've done our job, all the moments of that day will come flooding back and you'll remember that very first day of your happily ever after. You'll remember why you said yes and you'll know your marriage was worth celebrating then, and it still is today and everyday to come. 





Wedding videography is an investment that lasts the lifetime of your love story. After the dessert has been eaten, the champagne poured, the dance floor vacated, and the last guests have left, you want to be certain that you will never forget that day...the day that changed your life forever. 

Contact us for package information

We film in areas surrounding Minneapolis, Des Moines, and beyond.  Contact us for a specific estimate for your wedding and travel availability. 


Typically Included: 

  • 8 hours coverage
  • 2 shooters
  • 3-5 minute highlight film
  • Raw footage
  • 15% of all profits go to FREEDOM 15


  • Are giddy with excitement to be getting married
  • Live by the motto that everyday life is really quite extraordinary
  • Believe in planning a marriage more beautiful than a wedding


get to know us



We consider it a true privilege to be present with you on that day and we want you to feel like we're friends celebrating you with you on that special day, not stuffy strangers you hardly know. 



David is...

A Minnesota boy with a laid-back California surfer boy attitude. He's creative, visionary, and basically the brains behind this operation.  And he can kill it on the dance floor - watch out.

Ally is...

A small town Iowa girl now living in the big city. She's enamored with cute and cozy restaurants and thinks donut cakes are the best idea since sliced bread.



Favorite things are...

Him: Minnesota Vikings, competition, and cuddling with Ally

Her: Starbucks lattes, candles from Anthropologie, and Macaroni & Cheese

In real life i'm a...

Him: Web content manager

Her: Marketing manager

Marriage is worth celebrating because...

Him: It's one of God's greatest gifts

Her: It's not always easy, but it is always worth it


freedom 15

We believe we're blessed to be a blessing and that business isn't just about making money - it's about creating a ministry. Our hearts beat fast to see strong and loving relationships change our communities and families, but we recognize that love has all too often been abused and anything but loving. We're passionate for justice and FREEDOM 15 helps us - and you - see justice come to our world.

We donate 15% of all profits from Freed Films to International Justice Mission (IJM), an organization dedicated to protecting the poor from violence in the developing world. IJM is passionate about fighting slavery, sex trafficking, and sexual violence, and it's been recognized as one of 10 non-profits "making a difference" by US News and World Report.  It's an organization we deeply believe in, and the money you entrust to us will help IJM make justice for the poor a reality. 



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